Monday: Darwin Bay / Prince Phillip´s Steps , Tower
We spent the entire day on TOWER (Genovesa), one of the most spectacular Islands in Galapagos. After a wet landing on Darwin Bay’s coral beach, we wound our way past tide pools where swallow-tailed and lava gulls gather. We entered a forest of mangroves where colonies of great frigatebirds nest. The males inflate their red-throated pouches to attract females that fly overhead. After sea kayaking, we took a panga ride along the jagged shoreline to view the beautiful red-billed tropic birds, and then did some deep water snorkeling along the cliff.  Later we climbed Prince Philip’s Steps to find storm petrels, an unusual close-up of the elusive short-eared owl, and watch the famous red-footed boobies nesting in Palo-Santo trees.