The Yacht
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The Letty was well equipped with everything you will need on a great cruise. We had cabin D3 on the Dolphin Deck.  Just bring the items they suggest on their site, lots of sun screen, film (or storage for your digital camera) and a big smile.  Two small transport boats (pangas) are used for both wet and dry landings. The excursions were great, but I loved the snorkeling. Water temperature varies depending on the time of year you travel, but our March cruise had temperatures that did not demand a wet suit. Although surface snorkeling is great, if you can dive 4-6 meters for a minute at a time, you’ll see some incredible stuff. During March the water is a little warmer, so was not as clear as we’ve found in the Caribbean or Hawaii. Catching a view of white tipped reef sharks zooming past while 5m below is a breath taking event, but don’t!  Swimming with playful sea lions, and large marine sea turtles is an unforgettable time. The huge schools of fish that matte some of the reefs were something I had only seen on Discovery channel, very cool.