Thursday: Bartolome / Puerto Egas, Santiago
On Bartolome, it seemed like we were walking on the moon. This young Island is inhospitable to most plants and animals. After a dry landing, we climbed 30 minutes up a steep slope to the summit of a once active volcano. Pause along the way to marvel at lava bombs, spatter cones and cinder cones. From the top, we gazed out across the island for a panoramic view including the famous "Pinnacle Rock", an eroded tuff cone. Down below, crystal clear water invites you to snorkel with schools of tropical fish.  We returned to the yacht to board pangas to enter the beach near Pinnacle Rock where we snorkelled again, this time with an under water camera.  Later, a stroll along the shore at Puerto Egas, SANTIAGO (James) we explored the tide pools looking at sea life caught in the tide pools. At low tide, we watched marine iguanas as they feed on exposed green algae. Our walk ends at the grottos, deep pools of clear water where we encounter fur sea lions once on the verge of extinction.