Tuesday: Bachas Beach/ North Seymour
This morning, we visited Bachas Beach, offering a beautiful beach/bay for snorkeling and longer beach with a saltwater lagoon behind it. The lagoon houses great blue herons, sanderlings, and plovers.  A couple of marine iguanas and many crabs.  This beach is a significant nesting site for the green sea turtle. Snorkeling again provided opportunities to see some interesting schools of multi coloured fish. This afternoon, we disembarked on North Seymour, also a small geological uplift. After a dry landing, we followed a trail that led us to sea lions, swallow-tailed gulls and blue-footed boobies. Here, we also found the Galapagos land iguana feeding on the cactus leaves.  As we strolled along the beach, we watched sea lions body surfing the northern swells.  Snorkeling again off the cliffs in deep water afforded another opportunity to observe large schools of fish in deep water.